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Women Owned Business janitorial service its a organizations that offer janitorial services are spread across the nation. In almost every town, one would find an organization that is working company with property management companies , company workplaces, financial and organizations and even medical centers . These women owned business organizations resort to choose these cleaning solutions instead of the regular using of house servants or servicing workers because, truly, the benefits of washing solutions are becoming known and people are starting to understand that it is indeed better to get on these types of solutions because it allows clients to not waste some time to use their time and energy for other effective things that are relevant to their careers.

We are WBENC – Women Own Business In Chicago Area we have served for over 18 Years. Not all women owned business companies provide high-quality janitorial services, so it is recommended to ensure that the company which is appointed is able to work well and clean features thoroughly.
An effective janitorial service is capable to do all types of janitorial services. From carpeted surfaces and the windows to the ceiling and high walls, every area should be total without any dirt, and other represents such as handy and sprinkle represents. A washing assistance that does its job drain pipes the junk containers and disposes it to specific areas. Also, the toilets are kept cleaned and totally without any harmful bacteria that could damage kids, so this is particularly important for academic institutions for kids.
Further, a good janitorial service is reliable and providers could be left alone to do their job while clients feel in some other place doing work-related projects. With these solutions, one could certainly obtain a lot and save an adequate time. One should only remember to depend on businesses that have a confirmed positive popularity in offering washing services.Chicago being a loved tourist spot becomes requires Janitorial Services very frequent. Women Own Business – WBENC makes sure that your home or guest houses, etc. to win admiration from the guests or visitors. If you have recently done any kind of renovation in your house or you are a commercial owner with the requirement of maintaining the cleanliness code for your building then the Construction Cleaning service by Women Own Business – WBENC is the ideal choice for you. These days it is very common to have glass doors and windows in our houses, offices, etc. and cleaning them ourselves is a headache and laborious task. Take the advantage of our Window cleaning services and get back the shine on your glass wares. Other service provided by them includes Floor restoration and Roof Snow Removal.
There are numbers of reasons why you ought to seek the janitorial services, Chicago. Large companies, as well as common houses, are looking for commercial cleaners over choosing house cleaning employees straight.
A contract based janitorial service is simpler control because the opportunity of their tasks is well-defined and simpler to observe as compared to professional or specialized solutions. Organizations providing such solutions could also be trusted to send your needed employees at once.


We Not Only Clean We Disinfect!

Good Reasons to Disinfect Your Office Space

90% of all people spend most of their time in an office whether you are employed or it’s a business or a house office we all need to make money. Cleanliness is therefore very important in the place where we basically spend our lives for both our physical and mental health. Unlike our homes, the office comes and goes many people who carry and leave a million kinds of bacteria that at the very least will make sure there is always flu around. The only way we can reduce the frequency of sick days is maintaining very high standards of cleanliness, hygiene and circulation of air. Disinfecting is one of the best things you can do in your office space to enhance a healthy environment.

Areas in the Office that Need Disinfecting

· Door knobs
· Switches, Push Plates
· Elevator buttons
· Telephones, Monitors, Keyboards
· Bathrooms
· Kitchen area

Disinfecting Frequency.

This depends on what you do in that particular work place. For example a hospital should have all the above items disinfected daily and that include fabrics. All other kinds of office space should be cleaned with water and detergent daily but maybe disinfect once a week. You can also provide the employees with disinfecting wipes and place others in the kitchen area and conference room because shaking hands also spread bacteria. A disinfecting spray should be available in the office and used when necessary.

Disinfecting Procedures:

1. Have everyone get involved in the cleanliness and getting rid of clutter and washing their hands regularly. Have a written cleanliness guideline so people know their responsibilities like putting trash in litter bags or baskets.

2. Clear out all the old stuff that you don’t use in the office anymore. This includes old papers and files, old computers and furniture.

3. Have a cleaning company in place. A company knows the places to clean like windows, doors and how to disinfect delicate equipments.

4. Have a professional janitorial service to clean your rest rooms because people bring those germs from the toilet to the office.

5. Phones, keyboards and door knobs are used by everybody in the office. These three can be disinfected with wipes daily or spray.

Disinfecting Chemicals you can use to clean the Office

· Chlorine
· Phenolics
· Alcohol
· Per oxygen compounds
· Aldehydes
· Detergents

Importance of Disinfecting your Office Space

1. Bacteria reduction meaning- less sick people and more productivity.

2. Mental health-a clean environment makes people feel happy and relaxed and they will obviously work better.

3. Maintenance-clean equipment’s last longer because there is no dust and rust eating them up.

4. Prevents allergy related illnesses that are brought by dust and other irritants.

5. Better relationships at work-the knowledge that there is hygiene around the office will make people get comfortable to associate and share items.

6. Order-as the cleaning company disinfects, they will also arrange and clear messes leaving the place organized and easy to find things.

Disinfecting will not only keep the people in that office healthy but their families as well because if they carry bacteria they take it to their cars and then to their homes. It’s imperative that disinfecting becomes a lifestyle in the office. There are many other elements to talk about but this is an insight in this regard.

It’s time for Disinfection !

Importance of disinfecting phone surfaces, door knobs and other office equipment!

Germs and bacteria can survive in certain surfaces for some time. These surfaces may include, door knobs, fridges, computer keyboards and other surfaces such mobile phones. It is necessary to disinfect such surfaces because they are touched frequently by different people.

FLU - DISINFECTINGDisinfecting this places and surfaces will help in reducing the chances of infections drastically.

Benefits of disinfecting your phones, computers and door knobs.

Most people are wondering if there is need to disinfect certain surfaces such as toilets, door knobs and even pens in the offices. Definitely, there are certain benefits of doing this. The following are some of the reasons why you should clean such surfaces;

Taps, toilets and door knobs in your office can become a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact mobile phone surface can be most dangerous of all. This is because your hand can facilitate the breeding of bacteria in the surfaces. Your hand normally comes in contact with several germs and bacteria during handshaking. These bacteria can be transferred into the body via the mobile phones. When you are making a call or perhaps receiving, your face particularly the ears and the nose come in contact with the phone hence leaving the bacteria in your face. When bacteria get into your body, it can lead to several illnesses and infections. This is why it is important to disinfect your mobile phone. Disinfecting your phone is very easy. You begin by switching off your phone and gently apply the disinfectant on the screen. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe the screen surface for some seconds. Use a dry and clean cloth or any material to buffer the screen and switch your phone on.

Most surfaces in your office can be warm. For example the phone and the monitor of your computer can generate heats which become an environment to breed and multiply rapidly. To prevent this breeding, disinfecting these surfaces is the best and sure remedy. Disinfecting such surfaces is part of maintaining a personal hygiene and prevention against dangerous diseases such as influenza.

How frequent should you disinfect your door knobs, phones and other surfaces?

The process of disinfecting such surfaces in your office is a regular activity. It is not done once in a while. It is recommended that you should clean such surfaces at least once or twice in a week. This will reduce the chances of infection.

It will also depend on the kind of detergents you are using to disinfect your office ware. For instance, if you are using weak disinfectants like soaps, then you are supposed to do it daily since soaps are very weak. They can only last for a short time before bacteria begin to breed again. However, there are certain disinfectants which are designed for certain gadgets and office equipments. You should not use soap detergents to disinfect your phone or computers. This is because it can crash your devices.

It is also important to know that disinfecting your office equipment will not only prevent you from deadly infections but also prevents those working near your and those you are serving in your office.

Janitorial companies in Chicago

If you are looking for commercial janitorial companies in Chicago, then you just got one. One thing that you are most definitely after is acquiring quality services from a professional team. Ours is a team that knows what to do with various types of works and would thus provide you the quality finishing that you are looking for.

Janitorial companies in Chicago

There are many types of surfaces for cleaning and they would therefore require varying types of attention. Only professionals know these differences and the most appropriate types of cleaning equipment required for the same. No one wants to have their property spoiled after the janitors finish their work, and this is the reason for one to always insist on getting professionals.

A licensed commercial janitorial company that is both insured and bonded is what we are. This means that all the services that you will get are of high standards and there is a guarantee of quality at all times. All problems that have been associated with janitorial services are well-cared for in the insurance package. Assurance of quality and good work relationship is important at all times and that is what a professional team has to offer you.

Take a look at what the customers have got to say concerning our services. It is said that the success of any business is based on the acceptability of goods and services by the clientele. Whatever the customers have got to say about an enterprise actually dictates how it is accepted in the market. In Chicago, we are more than welcome due to the quality of our services.

It is important for you to note that there are so many janitorial companies in Chicago. It is thus upon you to always ensure that you get to the right company to avert a situation of unsatisfying results. One thing to look for is a company that will come to your location as soon as you want them to. They should therefore be a full time company that can be accessed by clients all the time there is a need.

Prices are affordable and they also vary depending on the type of surface and also area to be cleaned. The type of dirt will also help in coming up with the charges; however, they are affordable and will be very easy on your pocket. Take a look at the available options to see the one you would like to use.
The next time you have the need for commercial janitorial services do not hesitate to make a call. Make inquiries on a number of services available depending on whatever you would like us to do for you. There are also emergency services available on a 24 hour basis due to the fact that no one knows when emergency strikes. Within a short while, our experienced professional team will be at your doorstep ready to offer you the services that you so much need.

Benefits of Chicago cleaning services

Although one will try as much as possible to ensure that his or her office area does not get dirty; the reality is that

Janitorial Services, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Service Chicago

Janitorial Services Chicago

overtime, you will be required to have it cleaned to keep it looking nice. When it comes to cleaning your office or office washrooms, it is important that you get a qualified professional to handle the cleaning for you. The easiest ways to get such a professional is by hiring a company that offer Chicago cleaning service. There are numerous benefits that you will get by hiring such a company to do your office cleaning and janitorial services.

Clean environment
The basic benefit you get with these services is clean environment. This is very important as a clean environment ensures no transmission of diseases. Clean environment is also a requirement under the occupational health and safety regulation. By having a clean environment, one will be complying to these regulations also.

Better employee satisfaction
Any employee loves to work at a clean place. Many people will usually leave their jobs if he or she works at a work place which is dirty. By hiring these professionals, you will be able to make your employees feel better about themselves and develop the mentality that you care about them and their health. This will help reduce employee absenteeism and also boost their pride and productivity.

Peace of mind
When you hire a professional to offer you Chicago cleaning services, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind since you will always be sure there is someone to do the cleaning. The cleaning will also be done on time. This gives you the time you need to concentrate on the success of you business. Problems such as absenteeism of the person doing the cleaning will no longer arise since the company will sort out that by themselves and forward another professional to do your cleaning.

Good business image
What people sees first when they visit your office is how clean it is and how well it is organize. If you have a clean office place, it will help promote your brand while a dirty work place will greatly affect how potential clients view your company. To ensure that your potential clients view your company with the seriousness that it deserves, you should hire professionals to offer you Chicago cleaning services.

Apart from the benefits that these companies will give your business, it is very important that you choose the right company for you. With lots of companies out there, getting the right company can be quiet challenging. There are several factors that you can use to narrow down on the companies to work with.

If you having many people recommending a certain company, you should include it in your list. Good companies are those that many people will recommend you.

Any company you hire must be one that treats its clients professionally. Avoid those companies that many people are complaining about. You should also hire a company with great record.


Commercial cleaning companies Chicago!

commercial cleaning service ChicagoThe cleaning services industry is one of the most popular industries of the world. These services are flexible and tide minding by the majority of people. Whether you are working in an office or managing a commercial business, you should have required a certain kind of cleaning services. No doubt cleaning services are required in both residential and commercial areas. Almost every individual love neat and clean places. Your home or office area should be attractive and clean to give visitor good feel and relaxed environment.

There are many companies which are providing a wide variety of residential and commercial cleaning services in Chicago. If you are looking for commercial cleaning service Chicago Company then you should do proper research. These cleaning service companies’ employees are highly skilled and professionals and assure to offer excellent quality services. Cleaning services are required in every place whether it is a simple house or commercial place. You just need to provide them a call & they will manage the difficult tasks for you. Today you have a variety of alternatives to choose from. You can hire such services on an hourly basis, a package basis or a contract basis. You can opt for any option as per your convenience.

Commercial cleaning services are becoming more and more popular. It is basically a process of hiring the people or certain firms to perform the cleaning job. The majority of people are busy with their day to day schedule or jobs. Commercial cleaning service Chicago companies offer different cleaning services and include various buildings such as banks, clubs, restaurants, coffee shop, cafeteria, bars and many other places.

These companies have quality equipments to make cleaning work faster and easier. These services are available at nominal charges. Some of the companies train their staff before hiring them on a regular basis. They use effective approaches to provide the best services to satisfy their customers. Keep in mind commercial cleaning does not imply that essentially pertain to just cleaning the business building or office. Apart from that they also provide other unique services such as furniture polishing, removal of graffiti & offering toiletries. Some of the firms offer a monthly subscription for such kind of services you can avail as per your requirement.

Benefits of commercial cleaning services

1. Flexibility: It is one of the best benefits of hiring the commercial cleaning service Chicago. You can hire these services any emergency situation like for an urgent office party. In addition to this schedule can be revised as per your needs and requirements.

2. Dependability: Dependability is individual factor that distinguishes the cleaning service. Cleaning services are run by experts & you and your firm is completely relying on them to offer what has been assured.

3. Lower Cost: These services are affordable meets the budget of every business owner. These services take care of dusting, cleaning, carpet, vacuuming, carpet shampooing & any other task that you require to be performed with specialized tools and equipments.

These services are quite popular due to its several numbers of benefits & it makes the sense uniqueness for any firm or organization.

Carpet Cleaning Service



The majority of the machines are steamers (the “steam” is a hot detergent solution that the machine sprays on the rug). Steamers not only apply they solution but also use suction to remove it. They require water, however, which complicates matters, and they aren’t all that convenient to use.

Some steamers get their water supply via a long hose that you attached to a hot water faucet.

As you clean, the hose is dragged along. In other, you fill a reservoir with hot water. With both kinds, you will eventually need to pour out the dirty water, which is collected in the base of the machine. With any machine that uses water, or with any wet cleaner you scrub yourself, you must wait for the carpet to dry, which can take at least overnight. There’s also a risk of wetting the carpet too much. Instead of water and detergent, some machines use powder. They may apply the powder, scrub it in, and use suction to remove it, or they may merely apply the powder and provide agitation.

Schedule on appointment first the ideal sequence of events would be for the cleaning service to visit your office space to carefully evaluate the carpets condition before rendering an estimate.

Some cleaning services will provide a preliminary price pending closer inspection in the office space.

This is perfectly acceptable if the cleaning service does a careful inspection and requite (if necessary) before carpet cleaning service  begins.

The carpet cleaning service should discuss its procedures in details. Depending on the carpets condition, it may not be possible to clean the carpet completely. The company should inform the customer if its cleaning cleaners will not be able to remove a stain without damage. There shouldn’t be any surprises.


Whether you do the work yourself or hire professional cleaning company, be sure to clean your carpet before it becomes very soiled. Many products should be able to handle a lightly soiled carpet. Ground –in dirt is much more difficult to remove.

In general, when carpet has been heavily soiled, it’s better to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!!!

Which means you are determined which finding a expert office cleaning company is really a very reliable, efficient, as well as efficient types of sustaining the sanitation and sterilization of the office cleaning. About to catch by yourself. House management businesses, services company directors, as well as office administrators for big and little companies rely on expert office cleaning company to keep the clean as well as sanitary office cleaning. Regrettably, in a provided city you will find probably several trustworthy companies that provide superb cleaning solutions, what exactly is start selecting a expert office cleaning company which meets your requirements? In the end, you would like to ensure that you employ an organization which has the required abilities and information to keep your own offices to be able to existing the very best first sight in order to prospects as well as workers.

Comprehend your requirements

Before you begin getting in touch with different cleaning company, you would like to be sure you completely understand your personal requirements. Would you need only fundamental cleaning solutions? Have you got the kitchen that requires cleaning? When do you really need trash and recycling where possible eliminated? To arrange to satisfy along with potential cleaning company, you need to very first prepare a good exhaustive listing of all of your cleaning requirements. Not every expert office cleaning companies will give you exactly the same solutions, so you need to select a organization} which will tackle your requirements efficiently.

Additionally you wish to think about whether you might have specific cleaning requirements. You might have flooring that must be waxed as well as refined; you might need bio-hazard removal; otherwise you might have workers with allergic reactions requiring the usage of office cleaning items. The greater info you are able to offer cleaning companies, the much more likely you may be to get the correct cleaner for the organization}.

Consider carefully your Spending budget

Certainly, spending budget will possess a substantial effect on the actual cleaning organization} you employ. Although it is not really usually recommended to get the lowest priced cleaning company by simply advantage to be least expensive, you should also try to make sure that your own cleaning requirements are fulfilled affordable.

Usually request Estimations
In addition to you have to consider carefully your spending budget, however, you should also evaluate estimates through various businesses. Preferably, you would like to create a listing of appropriate professional cleaning companies as well as contact every to have an estimation. Usually, you could talk with each one of these businesses to talk about your requirements and spending budget to find out when they can offer the assistance you would like in a affordable cost.

Look for Recommendations as well as Recommendations

Prior to finding a specific cleaning organization}, it is usually better to obtain recommendations through associates or even business spouses. Finding a cleaning company will simply help you save period, cash, and energy if they happen to be expert and reliable. Through getting recommendations, you should check the actual history of possible cleaners as well as choose the one which has a great popularity.
Finding a trustworthy and expert office cleaning company is not really precisely rocket technology, however, you ought to still take some time out very carefully vet possible cleaners so you understand your workplaces have been in reliable fingers.

Office Cleaning: Our Midas Touch

Good service is increasingly harder to come by nowadays, businesses focus on driving profits while quality is forced to suffer. We believe that this strategy is disloyal to customers and poor practice in generating value for clients. That is why our management puts a personal touch and guarantee to our preeminent industry leading standards in office cleaning.

Our employees are trained to understand the needs of our clients, to work diligently and produce work that they can be proud of. Our value proposition to customers is the belief and vision of delivering quality and reliable office cleaning services indefinitely. All too often businesses start out with good quality standards, but fail to sustain this operational excellency. We guarantee that our services remain consistent and shoot for perfection in every job we complete for you.

We know how frustrating a poor office cleaning job can be for clients; wasting money and feeling exploited by the company you hired. We make sure that from the moment we take a job our team of highly experienced and trained cleaners own the process and deliver for you complete satisfaction. Our client testimonials only pay servitude to our superior standards and execution of service.
So, why would you want to choose us? Well the answer is quite simple really, if you are searching for a peace of mind to not have to worry about how the office will look when you get back the next day, you can count on us. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are what drive our team to excel and bring out their A-game at all the times.

Why bother hiring unmotivated and sloppy office cleaning contractors when you can have all of the real benefits listed above. Place your office’s cleanliness in our hands and we will deliver to you in absolute confidence the good faith and diligence of our service

Thank You.