Perfectly Clean Offices and Buildings on a Consistent Bases!

Tired of hiring a cleaning company – office cleaning service only to find out it doesn’t fulfill its promises?

Ready to work with a RELIABLE office cleaning service – janitorial service that ensures your work environment is well-maintained, spotless, and a reflection of your high-quality company?

Clean Impressions Corp. is here to fulfill all your office cleaning needs!

We make the decision to hire us even easier with our convenient 3-step process, because we know once you do, you’ll LOVE our office cleaning service so much,  you’ll never look for another office cleaning service company again. 

You’re only responsible for the first step of our easy 3-step process:

1)    Book an appointment for your free no-obligation cleaning proposal.

Then we handle the rest!

We will:

2)    Arrive on-site at your location, at a time that’s convenient for you, and assess your cleaning needs.

3)    Provide you with a free cleaning proposal of suggested services, based on your needs and budget.

And when you accept our proposal, we can begin work within a few days.

During the first week, a special manager will be assigned to your account to make sure our staff understands the scope of the project, and the work is being completed to your specifications.

Then, we follow up once per month to check on performance and to ensure your customer satisfaction!

 Book your appointment now for a free no-obligation proposal:

office cleaning service

 Available Cleaning Services Include:

  • Janitorial Cleaning – daily, weekly, or monthly routine services to ensure your offices are tidy, beautiful, well-kept and well-maintained
  • Floor Care – stripping and refinishing tile flooring, marble care, carpet cleaning, and floors
  •  Specialty Services – including upholstery cleaning, blinds washing, pressure washing, window washing, elevator cleaning, and others (available for an additional fee)
  • Disinfection – disinfected door handles, mail boxes, handrails, and other surfaces
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning – commercial cleaning, office cleaning service, construction clean-up, and industrial level cleaning services
  • Emergency Clean-Up Requests – we respond within a few hours
  • Sale of cleaning supplies, usable goods, specialty products, and disinfectants
  • And more…

Who We Serve:

  • Small to medium size buildings (1000-100,000 square feet) and offices with various densities in the Chicago, IL, area
  • Private sector, small to medium office or condominium community common areas and pool areas
  • Medical offices, car dealership, daycare centers, hotel – common areas only
  • Property management companies, commercial real estate brokers
  • And more…

If you hired another janitorial office cleaning service company in the past and weren’t satisfied with the job they did, you may qualify for a FREE initial cleaning from us!

To find out if you qualify, simply book your appointment now for a free cleaning proposal using the calendar below, and we’ll arrive at your office on the date and time you specify.

office cleaning service

So, what do you have to lose?

Discover how we can transform your office and buildings into perfectly clean spaces that your employees, vendors, and customers all enjoy walking into, and feel perfectly at ease and comfortable in their surroundings!

Book your no-obligation cleaning proposal now – it’s free!

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**In order to qualify for a free initial cleaning, your building must meet certain conditions.

We do not provide free initial cleanings for:

  • Buildings that have just been newly constructed
  • Buildings that have not been cleaned for long periods of time and are in poor condition
  • Buildings that require many hours of intensive cleaning, including floor stripping and refinishing, carpet cleaning, bathroom scrubbing and sanitizing, etc.

If your building requires any of the above services, we are happy to provide you with a free cleaning proposal. Simply book your complimentary on-site appointment using our online calendar, and we’ll arrive at your office at a time that’s convenient for you.

Thank you for your interest!